Deborah Van Dyken has compiled some of the best of her past legal advice newspaper columns from The Beaufort Gam into a paperback book entitled Choosing Right. This book�s fifty columns will educate you about family law in North Carolina since they address the issues of custody, child support, grandparents� rights, post-separation support, alimony, and equitable distribution.

Choosing Right is now available through as an E-Book for only $2.99!  Click here or the book picture below

"Based on a weekly legal advice column in a Beaufort, North Carolina newspaper, this book tells the tall tales of mythological local people who have run afoul of the law in yarns entitled Bigamy at the Beach, The Stinking Rat's Revenge, Shrimping Mercies, and The Stud Club."
"This book is about bad behavior ~ adultery, lies, deceit, lust, meanness, greed, folly, and ignorance ~ and that is just for starters. It is also about how people can get themselves into legal trouble in North Carolina by using these "sins" as guiding stars in their lives."
"These people could have avoided a whole lot of heartache, legal fees, and gossip if they and the people around them had heeded the Good Book and treated each other honestly and decently. But they did not, and so, here are their stories"